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Choose your shaded campsite. Enclose the number with your reservation.
Electric hook-ups are available.

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Campsite reservation deposit is $20.00 per site for the entire week.
Campsites are reserved ONLY after receiving your deposit.
Bucksnort Trail Ride, LLC may not be able to guarantee your first choice due to earlier reservations, but we will reserve the next nearest open campsite.
Campsites (with electrical hookups) which are not reserved before the ride begins will be used on a first come basis.
Our many campsites without electrical hookups are not reserved, but available on a first come basis.
If you have reservations with deposits for a ride and cannot attend, we will transfer your deposit ONE TIME, and one time only, to another ride during the same year or for one year. If you cannot attend the ride in which you transferred your deposit to, you forfeit your deposit. We will no longer transfer a deposit more than one time. If you have a deposit, you are there for the specified ride, you will use the deposit for that ride. If you want to reserve campsite/stalls for a future ride, another deposit will be required.
To cancel your reservation and receive a refund on your deposits, you must mail a signed, written request specifying the cancel date for refund 10 days prior to the opening date for each ride. Telephone requests for deposit refunds are not accepted. If you do not cancel your reservations, and you do not show for the ride, you do not receive a refund! If you send a deposit for a full week, after Tueday of the ride and you have not arrived, your site/stall will be rented.
To receive a deposit refund, you must cancel your reservation 10 days prior to the opending date for each ride. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Trail ride bosses' and assistants' authority is absolute.
No racing or rough riding onn trails in camps.
Do not tie your horse to a tree.
Wire and rope pens are not allowed.
We recommend a picket line. But remember, if your horse damages a tree, you will be charged to replace the tree.
No alcoholic beverages on the trails or in the dining hall. Certain bad behavior is not going to be tolerated, and I may boot some folks "out the gate" in 2010.
NO open containers or "bars" are to be set up on the OUTSIDE of your camper/trailer/tent, etc. NO cases of beer or other alcoholic beverages are to be stored on the OUTSIDE of your camper/trailer/tent, etc.
This will be strongly enforced by management,staff and trail guides. Failure to abide to the rules will result in your being ask to leave the premises.
We respect the right of all campers to enjoy the restful atmosphere of Bucksnort Trail Ride and request all campers be respectful of each other. Your camp must be quiet by midnight. BE CONSIDERATE OF EACH OTHER. No loud music at any time.
No vehicles cruising the campground after midnight.
Food can not be taken from the dining area, except by permission.
No weapons or firearms.
No littering. The campground is clean when you arrive, so please keep it that way.
No unauthorized vendors.
Your meal "ticket" consists of your wristband. If you do not have one, you do not eat. If you are a visitor, you may pay in line.
Pets, including dogs and cats, must be tied on a leash.
No riding motorcycles or ATV's in the campground area or on the trails.
If your horse kicks, you must tie a ribbon on the horse's tail. Bring your own red ribbon.
We reserve the right to reject any reservation.
We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave.
Studs must be kept in a stud stall.
5 MPH speed limit in camp.
Anyone driving a motorized vehicle on Caney Hollow Farm, including the Bucksnort Campground, must have a valid state-issued driver's license. No exceptions are to be tolerated. State of Tennessee regulations will be enforced.
Pleasure riding is not appropriate in the campground and no racking, running, or fast (canter) loping will be permitted. The campground arena, nearby fields and hundreds of miles of wooded trails are open and appropriate for riders of all ages. If you need information regarding rider expertise and age-appropriate trails, inquire in the camp office. Maps are also available.
Midnight is the designated quiet time for the campground. Horseback riding, loud music, and loud talking are not permitted after midnight. Parents and guardian are to see that their children and teens are physically present in assigned camp sites at this time. No group activities in the campground, creek areas, or trails will be permitted after midnight.
  Night riding on the trails is discouraged. However, special permission to ride trails after dark can be obtained. See personnel in the office to arrange for supervised trail riding after sundown. All night riding must be supervised by a responsible adult.
Horseback riding, including the of swimming horses, is prohibited in designated swim areas of Tumbling Creek, including the swimming hole east of camp and the area south of camp known as Hillbilly Beach. Riders accessing trails near these sites are requested to use extreme caution when crossing the creeks at these two locations. There are many creek areas that can be used for equine water activities. See camp managers if more information is needed.
Proper dress attire is required in the Mess Hall. Swim suits must be covered with tee shirts or other types of coverups. Shoes are also required.
Smoking is not permitted in the Mess Hall and Rest rooms. Smokers are requested to use extreme caution in or around the barns, the campground, and the trails.

Bucksnort Trail Ride wants everyone to have a safe and relaxing vacation!! Sometimes being too relaxed results in injury. Bucksnort Trail Ride can not assume any liability for personal, livestock injuries or damages. The Trails are for your use at your own risk. Upon arrival you will be required to sign a waiver form for each and every person, no matter the age or if they do not plan on riding.


All horses entering must have PROOF of CURRENT Negative Coggins test within the past 12 months in order to enter the grounds. STATE LAW REQUIRES US TO REFUSE ADMISSIONS TO HORSES WHO DO NOT HAVE A NEGATIVE COGGINS TEST.


I have read and understand the above, I am ready to