Mustard Seed Ranch at October Ride

We are pleased to announce that Mustard Seed Ranch will again have a group with us during the October Ride this year.  Plans now include 5 children and 3 adults. Tony and I are pleased to provide support for Mustard Seed Ranch’s programs and goals and to assist in providing fun times for both staff and children.

To learn more about Mustard Seed Ranch or make a financial contribution, visit their webpage or Facebook.

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2 Responses to Mustard Seed Ranch at October Ride

  1. Tammy Depperschmidt

    Thank you all for loving our children and providing such an amazing experience! Bless you!

    Tammy Depperschmidt

  2. Cat

    I’m so glad you are bringing more of your kids this Oct. Looking forward to riding with you!!! :)

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