We are NOT having July 4th Weekend Ride

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We’re not having a July 4th Weekend Ride for 2014.
Sorry for any confusion!  Have a safe holiday weekend!

Open Riding Weekend May 16th-18th

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We will be having an “Open Riding Weekend” on May 16, 17, 18. Cost will be $15.00 per night per “trailer”, no matter how many with the trailer.  Stalls will be $7.00 per night, plus tax. We will not be cooking, but coffee will be available for those that want it.

Three Week-Long Trail Rides in 2014

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We are pleased to announce the dates for the three week-long trail rides in 2014:

April 21-27  •  June 9-15  •  October 6-12

For those campers who arrive early in April and wish to ride prior to the opening ride on Monday morning, there will be some trails that will be closed. Trails on Caney Hollow Farm will be closed except for the area around the camp.  This is due to agreement we have made with the farm owner and his agreement with those who hold hunting rights. We expect the trails across the road from the camp to be open and available for early arrivals to use. As usual, all trails will be available for the entire week beginning Monday morning.

Suggestions? Comments? Feedback Encouraged!

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We would appreciate any comments you might have regarding features and activities provided for the 2013 rides, including upgraded security, menu changes, trail management (additions, signs and maps); building up stall floors, entertainment, etc. I would especially value feedback regarding the menu changes made this year.  Chris, the head cook, and I feel all are “keepers” but she and I both would like to hear from you on the subject.

Other suggestions are welcomed as well and I am sure Tony would appreciate any comments you have regarding the trails and the camp ground. Tony has also requested that we continue the diabetic desserts as well as the Taco Bar and Baked Potato Bar. More trails have been opened since the 2013 October ride and more signs will be posted prior to the April 2014 ride. Changes in the musical events are also being considered along with other possible entertainment options.

You are encouraged to send negative comments as well and any suggestions you might have that you believe might enhance your experiences at the Bucksnort Trail Ride.

Wishing You Happy Trails and a Blessed Holiday Season!

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Tony and I and the entire staff of Bucksnort Trail Ride want to thank you for your support and wish each of you Happy Trails and a blessed Holiday Season.

Best wishes to all,

Linda and Tony Baker and the Bucksnort Gang

Updates for October Ride

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We look forward to seeing many of you soon and thought you might like an update regarding developments at the Bucksnort Trail Ride.

2013 October ride is scheduled starting Monday, October 7 through Sunday, October 13. Meals begin with breakfast on the 7th and conclude with breakfast on the 13th. A Get-Acquainted event is scheduled for Sunday evening on October 6. While the camp ground is open during the weekend prior to the organized ride for early arrival, campers should bring their own food or plan to eat at local restaurants prior to the Monday morning breakfast.

First of all we want to thank campers at the June Ride for the positive comments regarding the fruit bar implemented during the ride. Chris Hooper, the kitchen manager, suggested the bar and it was approved. She enlisted the assistance of a friend who operates a produce market and is able to procure fresh fruit from the Nashville markets. As a result, fresh produce was delivered to the camp ground. We plan to continue the fruit bar and also add a bar featuring fresh-baked potatoes with a variety of toppings,including chili when featured on the lunch menu. The bars will be alternated during the week.

Keeping with the food “theme”, we request that campers observe the announced mealtime hours, especially in the evenings. Food preparation personnel average 15 hours a day and they need to leave as soon as possible after the evening meal cleanup is completed. Delaying the cleanup due to late eaters creates a host of issues.

Another change for the October ride will be eliminating all-day rides. We have found that most rides prefer to return to camp for lunch, take a breather for themselves and their horses and then possibly ride again in the afternoon. Guided afternoon rides will depart at 2 p.m.  Also, Jimmy Moore and Dean Butler will be available to take out groups and/or individuals on special rides, as requested. They may offer to take you to places the organized rides seldom go and/or on trails you have never ridden.

Tony and the work crew will be on duty this week doing more trail clearing and also posting additional trail signs. If all goes as planned, numerous signs will be placed on properties adjacent to the horse camp and owned by neighbors, who have approved our development of trails on their land and the posting of signs. If you should have occasion to meet these property owners, please feel free to express your appreciations for opportunities to ride on their land. We are grateful for the on-going support we have received from the Poplar Grove-Bold Springs neighbors during the past and in the present.

In addition, good quality grass hay will be available at the camp along with shavings for stalls. Todd Wall will provide farrier service. He and his wife, DeAnn, will not serve as trail guides this fall. With two very active little girls, as well as shoeing horses, they don’t need the responsibility of leading rides. Speak with Todd or DeAnn directly or contact office personnel if you wish to schedule farrier services. Also, a horse-tack and related items fun auction will be scheduled. Feel free to bring items to enter in the auction.

Some of you using stalls in selected barns will be pleased with the recent “filling of holes” by Tony and crew, using sand and small creek gravel. Over the years, stall mucking, along with water flooding and poor drainage, numerous holes were produced. While the work is ongoing, perhaps holes in your stalls will be filled by October. If not, they should be by next year.

Ground bees became a major issue during the Labor Day ride and when work crews have been clearing/checking trails during the later summer months. While bees are normally dormant during the October ride, and we hope they are this year, riders may see signs or ribbons indicating the locations of known nests. It is possible that the nests could be disturbed by horse hoofs so it might be better to avoid use of those specific trail locations.

Music for listening and dancing will be provided for four nights of the October ride by the Wild Country Band, which has performed at Bucksnort for many years. James Gee and his band will not be returning since James has made a career-change decision and is now serving in the music ministry of his church. We appreciate his commitment to the ride for the past several years and will miss him and the band. We also wish him the very best in this new role has has assumed.

As implemented during the October 2012 ride, Gary Loux and crew will serve as welcoming hosts of the ride, identifying campers and visitors, reviewing Coggins papers, and providing other security services, as needed. We valued their work last year and pleased that their services will again be provided this year.

If you need to make contact with us, please use Tony’s cell phone, 615-419-6536 or the home phone (615 662-7512). Remember that the phone at the Bucksnort camp (931-582-4320)is used only during rides when someone is in the office.

Note: Due to recent problems associated with modifying and upgrading the Bucksnort Trail Ride email lists, you may have received this email in error. If you do not wish to receive future mailings such as this, please notify the sender of this email and your name will be removed. In addition, if you know someone who would like to receive these mailings, please send their name and email address to the sender of this message.

Open Riding Weekends

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Three open riding weekends are left, including July 4th holiday this weekend July 3-6 , July 19-21, and August 16-18.
(Food is not provided on these dates.)

Make October Reservations Soon!

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Send your reservations in soon for October! Choice camp sites and stalls are becoming scarce!
The October Ride is our week-long ride with meals included. You don’t want to miss the delicious home-cooked meals and beautiful fall colors on the trail!

Join Us Labor Day!

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Join us for the Labor Day Ride Aug. 30 – Sept. 2.
Campground and trails will be open (bring your own food).

More “Open Riding” Weekends Added!

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Check out our schedule for more open riding weekends just added!  These non-holiday weekends are only $15.00 per trailer each night – no matter how many  folks in the trailer/camper – stalls are only 10.00 per night (tax additional).