Exciting News & Renovations!

Greetings from the management and staff of Bucksnort Trail Ride.  We have exciting news to share and believe you will be pleased!  Caney Hollow Farm, the home of Bucksnort Trail Ride has been sold. The new owners are Rick and Beverly Mehrlich.  We are pleased to welcome them to our “family” and they have expressed interest in supporting various improvements and renovations at the horse camp. Like us, they want Bucksnort to be the very best and are participating with us in developing an extensive list of projects to be considered and/or implemented.

Immediate renovations will focus on barn repair and work should begin this week on H Barn. There are fewer horses assigned to that facility for the June Ride and they can be accommodated in other stalls.

If you can arrange to spend some time to serve as volunteers to help with the projects we would be most appreciative. If you can come for a day, weekend, whatever, please call Tony on his cell phone, 615-419-6536, and let him know when you would be available or send me an email. As most of you know, Tony lost most of the use of his right hand after his surgery in October and he really has a hard time getting done the things he wants to do.  In addition to barn renovation, there will some painting and tear-out projects scheduled.  Barn work, and other activities will begin on Thursday, May 21, continuing through the Memorial Day Weekend. As a result, camping, riding, and assisting in work sessions can be pursued according to individual interest.  And yes, the dance floor is going to be addressed along; other improvements will be implemented over time.

Now on a not so happy note, some of you are aware that Dean Butler, our “dance leader and wildflower” trail guide, has decided to hang up his spurs. Have no fear, the horses may be gone, but he kept a saddle, bridle and blanket. He plans to spend some time with us and I would think he will want to christen the new dance floor once it is finished.

Rick and Bev will be with us during the June Ride and we will be pleased to introduce them to the Bucksnort Trail Ride family.  They are wonderful folks and I’m certain that you will be as fond of them as we are.

Please remember that no food will be served during this Holiday weekend. 

Looking forward to seeing many of you for the Memorial Day Weekend Ride and hope there will be some work volunteers who want to work while they camp with us for a day or the entire weekend. Travel Safe!

~Linda and Tony

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